We’ve seen this movie before – Toy Fair 2014 showcases a talking teddy bear


We seen talking toys before but very few, if any, make use of a smartphone app that acts as an AI brain for a plush figure that is able to talk to its owners. Knows as the WikiBear, this little teddy

The video from the event, filmed by Popular Science, has some footage of the prototype teddy in action. The toy’s creator has reportedly said that the final version of the teddy won’t sound quite as likely to kill you in your sleep (we’re paraphrasing, of course), plus there will be some performance enhancements to Wiki’s conversation abilities.

The WikiBear, which gets its name from the app’s connection to Wikipedia, is supposed to launch in June this year. You can see a more extensive human-on-toy demonstration at the in-text link above.

Source: PopSci



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