U.S. Navy will deploy a laser weapon later this year


The U.S Navy is, according to an AP report, planning on deploying its first laser weapon (yes, you read that correctly) later this year, and cooler still, (or worryingly, depending on your view), they also have plans to add electromagnetic rail guns to their repertoire by 2016.

The Laser Weapon System, which sadly does not look like the Death Star, is scheduled to be deployed on the USS Ponce, which will do its rounds in the Middle East.

The laser weapon is designed to fire invisible beams of infrared energy that can reportedly burn through drones and smaller boats.

The rail guns supposedly will be able to destroy much larger targets, like warships. For an idea of the destructive force a railgun can deliver, go check out a video of a prototype tested out a while back.

Terrifyingly cool indeed.

Source: Mashable


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