So much for the Xbox One – Nvidia’s new GTX 750 Ti will make Titanfall very happy


The PC vs. console debate has been raging for about as long as gamers have had access to both (Stuff isn’t taking any sides, they’re both awesome) but Nvidia’s newest GPUs will be throwing some extra fuel onto the fire. A newly-released crop of graphics cards have been tested and Nvidia’s mid-range GTX 750 Ti has outdone Microsoft’s new console’s performance with the shooter that everyone is slavering for – Titanfall.

According to tests done by GameSpot, the GTX 750 Ti has managed to run the PC version of Titanfall‘s beta at a very speedy 58 frames per second. It achieved the feat at a 1080p resolution, something that the Xbox One isn’t actually capable of with Titanfall, with 2xAA (anti-aliasing) enabled. Not bad for a $150 (R1,650 without the local markup) GPU.

The GTX 750 Ti features a base clock of 1,020GHz, 640 CUDA cores, 2GB of GDDR memory and a memory speed of 5.4Gbs. It has nothing on the also newly-announced GTX Titan Black from Nvidia, which should put every console into the corner with its 6GB of 384-bit GDDR5 memory. It has only been a few months and the new generation of consoles are already going to be lagging behind. The GTX Titan Black has yet to be priced.

Source: GameSpot



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