An introduction to Titanfall’s Burn Cards (and how to use them)


Upcoming multiplayer shooter Titanfall has got a very interesting take on the Perk systems that have become a standard in games thanks to the influence of the Call of Duty series. The video above, posted on the Xbox YouTube account, gives a rundown of the types of cards that players will be able to use, from weapon and player upgrades to the awesome-looking Pull Rank card, which allows players to call in their Titan sooner than usual.

As is explained, players will only have access to Burn Cards on spawn, whether it is at the start of the game or upon death. Using a Burn Card requires a specific level (you can only equip them from level 7) and once the card has been used, even if you’re unable to capitalise on its use, it’s gone for good. Hence the name.

The good news is that players will be awarded new Burn Cards for completing objectives and winning matches but it looks as though inventory space for cards to burn is limited, so players will have to use up the cards that they really don’t like to make room for others that are, potentially, better. Tactical choices are very possible through this setup so the final product should see some interesting gameplay decisions happening when Titanfall launches next month.

Source: Polygon


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