Have an hour to spare? Hear how the Steam Controller was made


Since not every game developer can afford to travel to the States to attend an event like Steam’s Dev Days, the company has uploaded video and slideshows from the event, all neatly categorised so interested parties can pick and choose which talks they’d like to check out.

One of these is Valve’s Eric Hope speaking about the development and creation of the oddly-functional Steam Controller, with its twin trackpads in place of analogue sticks.

Hope explains, in the hour long talk, just what aims Valve had for the peripheral and goes into some detail about aspects of the controller and why they were discarded or adopted for the final product.

Hitting up the Dev Days link above will also give you access to talks on the Steam Box, music in games, marketing titles, and virtual reality in gaming, among other topics from the January event.

Source: via Polygon


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