Canon brings their entry-level EOS 1200D to SA


Canon South Africa yesterday announced a large selection of new cameras that will be making their way to South Africa, among them is the company’s entry-level DSLR – the EOS 1200D.

The EOS 1200D is designed to be easy to use and, according to Canon, is the first camera from the company to launch with its own app. The app, called EOS Companion, features tutorials and tips for new photographers as well as troubleshooting and quick start options.

The camera itself is definitely entry-level, an 18MP APS-C Canon CMOS sensor is doing a lot of the work with a DIGIC 4 processor helping out. Canon is touting the EOS 1200D’s “impressive low-light capabilities” and they’ve got a 9-point autofocus system in place to assist with shots.

Since it’s an EOS, there is the option to add additional lenses to the basic setup if the camera starts to feel underpowered as your skills develop. For starting out though, it should be more than enough to go on. It shoots HD video at 30fps, Canon’s Creative filters are present if you’re feeling artistic, and Canon’s Intelligent Auto mode should make life simple even if you really don’t know what you’re doing.

Canon haven’t priced the EOS 1200D officially yet but we’re expecting the wallet denting to be announced soon.


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