There’s a beer fridge in Sochi that will only open for Canadians


Canadian beer makers Molson have placed a bright red beer fridge in Canada’s Olympic house at Sochi, and it is supposedly stocked with enough beer to outlast a zombie apocalypse.While this fact alone does not seem very newsworthy, it gets interesting when you learn that the fridge will only open up for Canadians.

Yes, Canadians. You can only unlock the fridge when you insert a valid Canadian passport into a slot located on the fridge. A photo is then taken of the passport, analysed, and voila, if you clear ‘border control’ you get to have some beer. Users are not restricted to a single drink.

The concept is reportedly aimed at encouraging people to seek out, or hunt down, depending on your thirst for beer, Canadian citizens who will, once they get the door to unlock, become your friend in beer. For this reason red fridges have been places all over the world. Locations include Canterbury, Dover, northern France, Cassel, London, Brussels and Belgium.

How aboot that? (Sorry, but we just had to.)

Source: Digital Trends


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