Evolve asks who is fitter – Four humans or one monster


Evolve is a multiplayer game that is due for launch later this year. It’s being made by the guys and girls who gave the world Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios, so we’re pretty sure that Evolve is going to be good. The only real question is: how good?

A new trailer for the upcoming multiplayer PC, PS4 and Xbox One title gives us a bit of a glance at what players can expect and, as expected, the marketing material make Evolve look rather awesome. There are four distinct player classes, which call to mind the heroes of 2K Games’ Borderlands series but Evolve isn’t just going to be pitting players against the environment and AI.

That rather large fellow that pitches up towards the end of the video? That’s also a player-controlled unit. Evolve is attempting something different with multiplayer, the only question is whether they’ll pull off a four-versus-one gameplay mode and still make it exciting for all concerned. Our money is on them making it challenging but very entertaining.

Evolve is expected to launch in Q3 this year.


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