Samsung teases possible Galaxy S 5 features for Unpacked event


Samsung’s Unpacked event is widely expected to be the reveal of their newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S 5. Not content to just let speculation run wild, the company has teased some of the features of whatever they’re actually announcing on Twitter.

The teaser uses a series of icons that give a few hints about what Samsung’s new device or devices will entail. The blue icons, Speed, Privacy and Curiosity, could be related to the hardware that will be announced. Speed is probably the processor, Privacy could mean that Samsung has some new security measures coming and Curiosity… might be a revamped search feature?

There seems to be something fitness-related in the works as well, and there are Style and Outdoor options on the list to boot. It might even signify that Samsung will be unveiling their full range of Galaxy S 5 variants, from a rugged to business to a camera-centric device. This is all speculation, of course, and that’s what Samsung intended with the teaser.

Source: Samsung via Engadget


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