The world’s newest Mercedes is a… surfboard?


Okay, this is a little weird for a German motoring company. It seems that Mercedes Benz has been involved in the creation of an extremely limited run of surfboards for big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara. That does mean that the boards, which have been dubbed the Silver Arrow of the Seas (or Arrows, if you prefer), are not going to be available for sale any time soon. The naming is rather appropriate, given that a surfer’s set of boards is collectively known as a ‘quiver’.

There are four surfboards in total and they all look as though a Mercedes AMG gave birth to them during a thunderstorm. There appears to be a replaceable fin system in place, along the lines of the FCS setup, and the board’s big-wave intentions are made very clear by the straps on their upper surface in lieu of a more sedate grip or surf wax setup. The colouring and branding are Mercedes all the way through.

These boards wouldn’t be that remarkable without some motoring technology behind them. Website DesignBoom says that the quartet of boards features a telemetry system that tracks McNamara’s performance in the surf.

How did the boards do? See for yourself.

Source: via The Verge


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