A closer look at Samsung’s U9000 curved UHD television series


South Africa will soon be the landing area for one of Samsung’s new curved UDH televisions. The highlight of this line, for us at least, is the U9000 series, of which Africa will see the 65- and 78-inch models.

Prospective watchers will find that they’ll have LED-backlit LCD panels in their viewing rooms. Samsung’s curved devices feature a, well, curve radius of 4,200R which the company says makes the series the most curved on the planet.

The 3,840 x 2,160 UHD displays promise to have something different for users when they launch, Samsung says that they’ve added a new Auto Depth Enhancer feature that will provide a glasses-less 3D effect to some content – we’ll be more impressed once we actually get to see it in action however. Also present will be Samsung’s PurColor tech, which the company claims “…expresses more detailed shades, and a UHD up-scaling process that converts HD and Full HD content to near-UHD quality”. Nice features but, again, we’d like to see them in action before getting too excited.

Concerning the local launch of Samsung’s new TVs, Samsung Electronic South Africa’s head of TV product marketing Lance Berger said in a statement “In 2014, Samsung is delivering an ultimate immersive experience to our consumers that takes entertainment to new heights. Our 2014 TV lineup and new audio offering combine the best in design, picture quality, regional Smart features and mobile sound entertainment.”

Pricing and availability of the U9000 lineup hasn’t been announced yet but we’d imagine that it’s not going to be cheap. At all.


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