Verbatim releases new Secure’n’Go encrypted flash drives


Flash drives are funny things. Around Stuff Towers, and probably anywhere else where technology is within easy reach, they’re not given that much attention unless there’s something really special about them. Otherwise… they’re just there.

Verbatim is looking to catch the attentions of those who aren’t that excited by flash drives with the local release of their new Secure’n’Go line. The flash drives, which look to be rather tough, all feature 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) hardware encryption and built-in password protection. The drive, available in either 8GB or 16GB flavours, is also set up to wide out storage data if an incorrect password is entered a set number of times.

Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) said that Verbatim’s Secure’n’Go Secure Data drive is available now at “selected retailers” and it will set buyers back around R215 (8GB) or R370 (16GB).

DCC’s Ruben Naicker said in a statement “USB drives feature a significantly small form factor which delivers convenience, allowing you to carry the device in your pocket, handbag or laptop bag. However, users often lose these devices and the security of their data saved to the device is often an afterthought. Verbatim’s Secure ‘n’ Go will ensure that all data is encrypted so that should your drive be lost or stolen, your information is safe and secure.”


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