Sony selling off VAIO, blames the “drastic changes” in the PC industry


It would seem that reports made earlier this week had the right of it. Sony has announced that it will be selling off its VAIO computer division, stating that the decision stemmed from a variety of reasons, “…including the drastic changes in the global PC industry”.

Instead Sony will be shifting its focus to the manufacturing of smartphones and tablets, and will reportedly sell the VAIO division to the Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) company in late July this year. Sony will “…cease planning, design and development of PC products” entirely as a result of the move.

JIP is supposed to be shipping VAIO-branded computers in Japan at first, so the machines won’t be going away entirely. JIP intends to hire between 250 and 300 of Sony’s employees for their initial rollout of the brand.

Source: The Verge


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