Skully has a GPS HUD coming to its motorcycle helmet lineup


Riding a two-wheeled bullet has its drawbacks. The gear is often costly (but essential) and there’s the whole exposed-to-the-elements thing to look out for. That and finding your way around can be a little difficult. There are ways to get directions when on a bike, like having a phone-based GPS feeding you directions though an earpiece or getting a motorcycle-specific GPS unit fitted.

But then there’s Skully, an American startup who have already made an augmented reality motorcycle helmet. They’ve come up with a refined design of their original AR-1 helmet called the P-1, that incorporates a GPS into the helmet itself that displays a rider’s route in the lower-right corner of the heads-up display (HUD).

P1 View PopSci

The P-1 uses the same inset screen for a rear view of the helmet, which is provided by a backwards facing camera. Riders will know how handy this feature will be but the P-1 is also set to have smartphone pairing via Bluetooth. Just in case you want to check your emails in the little display.

You can take a look at Skully’s AR-1 helmet in action in the video below. If the P-1 performs even better, and it looks as though it might, that breakfast run should get a lot safer. There’s no price available for the P-1 as yet and even the AR-1 is still in a beta test phase. The helmet is due for broader release this year but Skully’s helmets won’t be lacking competition for too long after that launch.

Source/Image: PopSci


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