Amputee gets to experience touch again via bionic arm and nerve implant


A team of EU researchers have done something that can definitely be considered a great technological feat. They have successfully creating a bionic prosthesis that has allowed an amputee to experience touch again.

Dennis Sørensen, the amputee test subject, had a series of electrode implanted into the two main nerve bundles in his upper-left arm. After 31 days Dennis was then fitted with a special prosthetic hand, implanted with sensors that could pick up on the electrodes in his arm.

After the algorithms did their work, Dennis’ sensory data started being turned into nerve impulses, and hey presto, he could feel objects in real time. In other words, he was able to detect sensations conveyed by the bionic limb, right down to the shape and texture (more or less) of the items he was interacting with, as it was taking place.

Although products of this nature that do not require an entire lab to themselves are quite a ways off, a new generation of prosthetics are certainly on the horizon. That’s definitely something to be excited about.

Source : Engadget


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