A short overview of what is coming when Thief launches at the end of Feb


Perhaps you missed our first look at Thief, the series reboot of the classic series that will be releasing in South Africa at the end of February. Maybe you just want to see it again, this time in video form. Square Enix and PlayStation have provided just that in the Thief – 101 Trailer that was released on YouTube a couple of days ago.

Diving into the six-minute-plus video gives you a look at just about everything that Stuff has seen of Thief to date. The setting, Garrett’s abilities, the optional objectives and the loot/economy system and how it will interact with the wide selection of gear available are all explored by the latest trailer. There are a few minor spoilers of the opening minutes of the game but we’d be extremely surprised if Square Enix hasn’t managed to conceal a few items from us so far.

Look out for Thief, which will be launching in South Africa on 28 February for PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360.

Source: via Polygon


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