The White House will be hosting a Maker Faire


The team at Stuff Towers are rather fond of the various Maker Faire events that have been taking place, not least because some genuinely interesting ideas are proposed. But it seems that we’re not the only ones who like the idea, the White House plans to host a Maker Faire of their very own at an unspecified point this year.

The decision to host a Maker Fair, according to a White House press release, stems from a visit the the White House by one Joey ‘Marshmallow’ Hudy who built and fired a marshmallow cannon in the State Dining Room in 2012. Hudy later became an Intel intern, the youngest person ever to do so, but he had laid the groundwork for a US government-sponsored Maker Faire.

There are no final details regarding the event yet, for instance, whether it will take place inside the White House isn’t known. But it will apparently be “…an opportunity to highlight both the remarkable stories of Makers like Joey and commitments by leading organizations to help more students and entrepreneurs get involved in making things.”

Source: via The Verge


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