Tech-based bikers: Kickstarter project wants to turn your gloves into fingertips


Bikers, and just about anybody who has to wear gloves for an extended period of time, will be well aware of just how much of a pain using a touchscreen device can be when their hands are covered. A Kickstarter campaign is out to change all that, by funding and launching a product that renders gloves of all types compatible with touchscreen displays.

The Kickstarter outing for Nanotips, a fluid-based solution to using gloves and technology together, was looking to attract $10,500 (in Canadian dollars), a target they they’ve more than tripled with just shy of three weeks for the crowdfunding period still available. It isn’t hard to see why the response to Nanotips has been as positive as it has been either.

The Nanotips fluid, a nanotechnology-based conductive liquid, can be painted onto gloves of all varieties to make them play nicer with your touchscreen. There are two varieties available, a Blue liquid which is designed for fabric gloves and a Black option which works with leather, rubber and other heavy duty hand coverings. The idea is that adding some of the Nanotips liquid to a pair of gloves gives a touch display the impression that you’re using your unshielded digits to press buttons.

It could mean the end of stopping, stripping off gloves to make a call or send a tweet, and then re-covering your hands so that you can be on your way. The creators say that if the Nanotips covering wears off it can just be reapplied, so the effects from a single bottle should last quite a while.

Source: Kickstarter via Engadget


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