LG goes in for extreme vacuum cleaner testing


Say that you’re an international electronics company. Where is the best possible place to test an automatic vacuum cleaner? If you’re LG, you’re going to be taking your robotic minions to a place where failure will mean an unpleasant time for any luckless passerby who happens to be in the drop zone. And then make two of your minions play a friendly game of football at the elevated location.

Or you could make the robotic vacuum cleaner, the RoboKing Dual Eye in each case, act like a bug on a hot plate and set it to work on a rising platform that has already claimed a lesser specimen.

Or even imprisoning it in a glass case mounted on top of a Jeep as it rides through bump, icy conditions through plants high enough to cause a massive (and constant) mess (we’re not making any of this up).

Someone at LG has a fun job and we suspect that it’s a combination of the marketing and engineering departments. Now, where can we get one of these? And a Jeep on a rooftop?

Source: Engadget


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