Samsung issues invitations to what is probably the Galaxy S 5 announcement


Samsung has sent out invitations to what will probably prove to be the announcement of the Galaxy S 5 handset that we’re all expecting. The invitation (left) makes reference to the number 5 and will take place at the start of the Mobile World Congress event being held in Barcelona later this month.

When contacted for comment, Samsung would not elaborate on the meaning on the number 5 in the invitation but based on how the company has been numbering its flagship devices, it’s not a stretch to believe that we’ll get our first look at the Galaxy S 5 on 24 February. It’s about the right time of year for Samsung to make an announcement and the device is thought to be on the market by April as well. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of lead time.

It does leave us with about three weeks to see where Samsung is planning on going with their new smartphone. Perhaps there will be a few leaks between now and then.

Source: The Verge


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