Microsoft’s Kinect is now a South Korean watchdog


Microsoft’s Kinect system has been  modded and converted to do any number of things aside from its intended purpose, with even Microsoft themselves getting into the act at times.

But this is something completely different for the gaming peripheral, it has been recruited to monitor the demilitarised zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. A South Korean programmer named Jae Kwan Ko created a software setup that uses the Kinect to detect and identify movement in the DMZ.

An attached Kinect sensor is used to track movement in the area and is apparently able to tell the difference between humans and animals, something that shouldn’t be too hard for the sensor. If a human is detected, the setup sends a signal to a manned location so that they can check it out.

Which isn’t bad performance for something that a lot of gamers use to play Angry Birds.

Source: Kotaku via The Verge


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