More speculation on Apple’s smartwatch: Solar power, wireless charging being considered


Apple has long been thought to be working on a smartwatch or ‘iWatch’ and a report by the New York Times on battery technology has made some claims about how Cupertino might implement batteries in the as-yet unconfirmed product.

One of the possibilities, that of charging an Apple smartwatch by magnetic induction, is a lot closer than the second option but the report has said that Apple has been looking at creating a way for a smartwatch to charge while out in the sun – something that would definitely address the battery issues that the initial generation of smartwatches are experiencing.

Apple is said to be considering adding a solar panel, in the form of a charging layer over a curved smartwatch display, to their smartwatch. The report goes on to say that such a solution is still a way off in terms of technology so if the iPhone company is making a wrist-computer, odds are that it’ll use wireless magnetic induction or something else that was not explored in the New York Times report. Apple has been hiring battery experts from all over so something a little more innovative than magnetic induction isn’t out of the question.

Source: New York Times via The Verge


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