What has one wheel, an electrical motor and handlebars? A RYNO, due this year


We’ve seen all sorts of unusual transportation, the most recent of which is a single-wheeled skateboard called the OneWheel. It looks as though single-wheeled conveyances will be a big feature of 2014, with a company called RYNO Motors aiming to release a uni-motorcycle of sorts this year.

Called the RYNO, the one-wheeled wonder is a self-balancing, battery-powered, superbike-wheeled cycle. It’s not going to give any Akira fans heart palpitations though, as futuristic as it looks it only manages a top speed of 16km/h. Which certainly beats walking, but we’d be uncomfortable attempting to balance the RYNO at speeds higher than, say, 20km/h anyway.

The video above features RYNO Motors’ CEO and inventor Chris Hoffmann discussing how the bike works as well as how it came about in the first place. It’s expected to launch some time this year, with a price of around $5,300 (R60,300).

Source: via PopSci


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