Sony announces the PlayStation Vita Slim for the UK


Already available in Japan, Sony have just announced that the UK will be getting their hands on a new version of the PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation Vita Slim, in early February.

The updated Vita features a 5-inch LCD display, compared to the original’s OLED screen, and features an included 1GB memory card and the handheld adds in a slightly extended battery life. According to reports, this should take play-time up to six hours. And, as the name suggests, it’s lighter and thinner than its predecessor.

There will be a second bundle available, with a 4GB memory card. Both options, which will becomes available in the UK from 7 February, will be on sale bundled with 10 indie games as an added attraction.

The PlayStation Vita Slim is intended to eventually replace the original model in Europe. Hopefully South African gamers will get their hands on the new hardware soon, though we might have to wait for an American release before they give us any consideration.

Source/Image: CVG


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