Glass will be getting games (of course), Google demos a few ideas


There was never any doubt that Google’s Glass would be getting some form of game, now Google has demonstrated a few basic options that will be available to developers that want to make use of the Glass interface.

The company has released a very short video (above) which demonstrates five different mini-games that are possible with Glass.

Tennis and Balance are both games that use the internal accelerometer to turn a player’s head into a tennis racquet and a balance-point respectively. Clay Shooter will have players firing virtual clay pigeons with voice commands while Matcher is a memory-based matching game. Pretty much all of the demo games for Glass do exactly what they say on the tin. Last up is the Shape Splitter game, which has a Cut The Rope/Fruit Ninja feel and uses the Glass camera to detect the user’s hand movements.

As basic as these demonstration titles are, they’re an indication of what could be possible for gaming-minded Glass developers. We’d expect to see some more advanced variants of the above titles in the near feature, and then there’s Google’s own Ingress augmented reality game which should do very well on Glass.

Source: The Verge


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