Samsung may just bring us their version of smart glasses in September


Samsung already makes pretty much everything. You can have a fridge, television, fridge, oven and cellphone in your house and there’s a chance that they all sport the Samsung logo, and that’s not even the complete list of appliances and tech that the company manufactures.

So it almost seems logical that the folks at Samsung might be trying their hand at augmented reality glasses, which almost seems like the next logical step when look at the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and the overall flocking of tech companies to wearable tech.

The smart eyewear, according to a rumour reported by the Korea Times, are called the Galaxy Glass and might see the light of day in September at the IFA trade show in Berlin.

The Galaxy Glass might just be a rumour, but if you take Samsung and Google’s recent patent sharing deal into account, September 2014 might just be a very interesting month.

Source: The Verge


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