PlayStation Now beta invitations have started arriving


Remember Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service? It seems as though invitations to participate in the beta test for the service have started arriving in the inboxes of a select few already, giving us some clues as to how the service will function.

Sony recommends a wired connection to a PlayStation 3 console, which appears to be the testing platform for PlayStation Now, and a 5Mbps internet connection is also recommended. We’d imagine that anything less will result in some choppy performance. The beta test hasn’t started as yet so there are no impressions available but the day can’t be far off.

Applications to the beta are still open but we’d recommend not getting too excited unless you’re a resident of North America. The invitations (and the sign-up page) make it clear that the test will be confined to the States for the moment but odds are that other regions will be added at a later stage. If that is the case, South Africa is bound to be at the back of the line on this one.

Source: NeoGaf via Engadget


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