Rumours of a larger iPhone (or two) resurface


Reports of a larger iPhone are not a new occurrence, rumours that Apple is planning on dropping a bigger handset on the tech world have been around since June last year at the very least. The last time this rumour pitched up it was accompanied by speculation that Apple had a cheaper handset on the way, something was correct – more or less.

We probably should not be too surprised that the rumour mill is churning again, with visions of a 4.5-inch plus and 5-inch Apple smartphone doing the rounds once more. As with previous rumours along these lines, Apple’s plans are reportedly not finalised but if one of them does make an appearance this year – reports suggest that they both will – it will be the 4.5-inch iPhone. Apple’s smaller, larger device is apparently further along in development than the 5-inch model.

There are few other details. Apple is said to not be trying anything special other than the larger display sizes, so we’re not going to see a flexible or curved phone this year. The rumoured larger devices will apparently be backed with metal, making them larger versions of the standard iPhone.

That is, if the rumours are correct. A larger phone from Apple has been predicted for some time but 2014 might be the year when things come to fruition. Maybe.

Source: The Verge


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