Xperia Z1 successor rumoured to support 4K video recording


We’ve caught up on some rumours doing the rounds on the interwebs about what might be the successor of the Xperia Z1.

Codenamed Sirius, or D6503, and running on Android KitKat, the phone’s most notable feature will be the ability to capture videos at an eye-caressing 4K resolution, perhaps giving us all a better reason to buy a 4K TV.

The Sirius has some other features that, if they are included in the final product, look to be very interesting, such as stereo speakers, a built-in answering machine and smart backlight control.

A feature similar to LG’s Knock is supposedly in the works, as are movement-based ‘smart’ call controls. Lifting the smartphone to your ear should answer an incoming call, it’ll mute if you flip it and you can shake to get rid of telemarketers. Well, hang up on them, anyway.

Source: Xperia Blog via Mashable


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