South Korea to get super-fast internet (and we do mean super-fast)


There’s a lot (mostly bad) that can be said about South Africa and internet speeds, which are far below the speeds that areas of Europe and North America have at their disposal. But, just when things were looking up, along comes South Korea and smokes the rest of the competition.

Yes, the world leader in internet speed has always been Asia, and this week South Korean wireless carriers SK Telecom LG U+ have decided to show us what real speed looks like.

The speed that the telecoms hope to deploy is 300Mbps, using LTE-Advanced 3-band carrier aggregation technology. Simply put, a combination of one 20MHz and two 10MHz LTE bands.

That’s roughly a 800MB file downloaded in 22 seconds. If you’d care to scale that up, that’s about 2.4GB per minute.

Before all this acceleration is able to happen on a broader scale, the new LTE format will first have to be standardized on a global level and adopted by smartphone and chip producers.

Even so, SK Telecom isn’t done. They will be showcasing their 450Mbps technology at Mobile World Congress next month.

Source:  Engadget


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