Valve expects “compelling consumer-priced” VR headsets to hit shelves in two years


A couple of weeks ago we heard about Valve’s proposed implementation for VR controls, and some more news on the near sci-fi tech has surfaced that is certainly making us excited about what the future may hold.

According to a talk by Valve’s Michael Abrash, given during the Steam Developer Days event, the popular gaming company is committing to virtual reality research and development and believe that working, consumer friendly VR in gaming is just a couple of years away.

You can read the full transcript of Abrash’s talk here (PDF).

If you can’t read the transcript, the highlights include that the folks at Valve estimate that we can expect “…compelling, consumer-priced” VR headsets within two years. Also, Valve has started development on their own VR sets, but have not set out to compete with Oculus VR, the company which is leading the VR revolution. Instead Valve is sharing everything they learn with Oculus.

Source: Techcrunch


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