Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor will launch in Japan in May


Who says that technology makes you lazy? Several people that we know, come to think of it, but Sony will prove them wrong soon enough. The Japanese company showed off a prototype for a smart tennis sensor that is able to help users to up their game on the court by tracking the movement of the racquet.

Sony has since given the prototype a name as well as a time when it will leap out onto the tennis courts of Japan. The Smart Tennis Sensor (imaginative, that) will be making its debut in May this year, at around R1,900 for the little orange unit. Prospective tennis greats will want to shell out the cash though (as well as a little extra for a Yonex tennis racquet, which will be the only brand supported by the device at launch), simply because the Smart Tennis Sensor does what it does.

The Smart Tennis Sensor is able to measure the speed of the ball and racquet, point of impact, and the type of stroke being used, displaying all of this info on a video of the player that can be recorded by the sensor’s app. That’s pretty comprehensive for something that looks like a Wii MotionPlus add-on for sporting equipment.

Sony’s tennis-tracking gear is only confirmed in Japan for the moment, we will update when the company’s international plans become known.

Source: The Verge


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