LG’s G Flex launching in Europe next month, heading closer to SA


LG will be spreading the flexible love in the next couple of months, with a major rollout of their new flexible G Flex handset planned for the States as well as a newly-announced European launch that will see the smartphone rolling out in 20 European countries in the short month.

Quite aside from the Snapdragon 800 processor, 6-inch 720p display and 32GB of storage, the G Flex features “…the world’s first curved battery and is the first phone to feature a self-healing coating on the back cover”, according to the company. That should make it enticing enough to use as tech-head bait, even if you discount the flexible screen.

Though it wasn’t explicitly mentioned, this European launch is a requirement for South Africa and other less glamorous locations to get their sweaty hands on the G Flex. LG has said that the upcoming launch “…will pave the way for rollouts in other parts of the world.”

Source: LG


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