Meet another flying car – because you know that you really want one


The concept of a flying motor vehicle has been around for a long time, in popular fiction and in the fevered dreams of inventors. These days it seems like the inventors are winning, as the Aeromobil – a Slovakian-made transforming flying car – demonstrates.

The Aeromobil seen above is a prototype of the third iteration of the vehicle and it has recently undergone its first successful test flight, after having been in development for 20 years. As can be seen from the video above, the Aeromobil is somewhat of a transformer though it uses the same fuel that a standard road car requires. That’s handy in a flying car, since it doesn’t need to pull into an airport for a top-up.

The Aeromobil is looking for investors, now the that plane/car is able to get off the ground, in order to make this particular dream a reality. What it’ll cost if it ever goes into widespread production doesn’t bear thinking about but, like other flying cars, it’ll require a light aircraft pilot’s license to make use of if it ever does become widely available.

Source: GizMag


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