Intel’s 64-bit Bay Trail processors: Coming soon to an Android tablet near you


Intel’s Bay Trail processors, 64-bit low-power chips which have already made appearances on desktops, in notebooks and other Windows 8.1 devices, will soon be making their way to Android tablets.

Ars Technica reports that comments made by Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich during a recent investor conference call have revealed that Android devices will be getting some Bay Trail love in the next quarter, giving the Google OS access to 64-bit processing – something that just about every chip manufacturer has their eye on at the moment. Except for Apple, they’ve already got it sorted.

At present the Windows 8.1 mobile devices that feature Bay Trail are still running at 32-bit, something which has been blamed on driver problems. This will reportedly be fixed for Microsoft within the next few months and, once this has happened, Intel will be sorting out 64-bit access for Android tablets soon afterwards. The company demonstrated a 64-bit Android operating system last year but it looks as though it’s going to become a reality a bit later on in 2014.

Source: Ars Technica Image: Anandtech


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