Final Fantasy VI has yet another release, this time on Android


The older Final Fantasy games, owned by Square Enix, have seen release and re-release more often than any other game Stuff can remember and Final Fantasy VI has officially made the jump to yet another mobile platform – Android.

Getting your hands on this SNES title will cost you, the Android version of Final Fantasy VI will set buyers back some R190 but the fact that it keeps being re-released means that the pricing is probably justified. The role-playing game has been released with the changes that were introduced in the 2006 GameBoy version as well as a new Album feature which will allow players to step back in the story without having to restart their progress from scratch.

The official Android version of Final Fantasy VI has been released some 20 years after it originally appeared on home consoles. This one has been around for a while but it still retains its popularity.


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