Prone to being forgetful? Bringrr will change that


Bringrr is the gadget made for people who tend to forget things, especially when you might be on your way to somewhere, such as work, and being late due to missing items isn’t really an option.

Originally launched in 2010, the phone charger, which fits into your car’s cigarette lighter port, could only track your phone. Seeing as nobody can breathe unless their phone is within reaching distances these days, the gadget has been remade to keep tabs on all the other things we might forget.

Bringrr now keeps tabs on your other stuff via Bluetooth LE tags that are called “BringTags”. So now you can pair the charger with your phone, put a tag in your laptop bag and wallet, in luggage and the charger will let you know if you’ve forgotten any of your tagged belongings.

The tags can also be configured to be active at set times and on certain days of the week via Bringrr’s app. You can also ping tags to find your lost keys, and if you still can’t find them, a panic button makes the tags emit a louder audio signal.

At the moment Bringrr is trying to raise R812 000 ($75 000) on Kickstarter, and has hit the $47,000 mark with 19 days still to go on the project. Funding them to the tune of  R420 buys you just the charger, and R530 gets you the charger with BringTags included.

Source: TechCrunch


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