AMD announces its next PC chip which will supposedly have 12 ‘compute cores’


AMD has delivered some of the best (or at least fondly remembered) processors to the computer industry since its founding. They were the first company to develop a dual-core x86 processor, and from 2008 and onwards quickly improved the concept with their tri-core and quad-core designs before stunning us with their octa-core chips in 2011.

Yesterday the company took another leap forward, and announced their desktop and laptop chip called Kaveri, which is a glorious amalgamation of up to four CPU cores and eight GPU cores. AMD has given the setup a large degree of computing independence, which is why AMD refers to them collectively as a dozen “compute cores.”

AMD is still making some realistic promises about Kaveri’s price and performance, in that it is much cheaper than its Intel counterparts, and that it can play the latest games at 30fps without the need for a graphics card. How those claims work in practise remains to be seen but AMD probably won’t disappoint in this particular instance.

So whilst the chip itself is presented with realistic performance in mind, it will certainly provide a foundation for improved ‘single’-chip PC gaming.

Source: Engadget


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