Klipsch leaps into the world of gaming peripherals with two new headsets


It may take a short while before it filters over to this side of the world but headphone and speaker manufacturer Klipsch has thrown its hat into the gaming cans ring with two new sets of headphones, the KG-200 and KG-300 models which were announced at CES in Las Vegas this year.

The KG-200 and KG-300 are fairly similar-looking headsets with a closely-matched set of features, with the major difference being that the KG-200 is the wired version of the pair. By the looks of things, both sets of cans will be compatible with a series of devices, including the PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, and PC.

The KG-200 will set American buyers back $130 (R1,400) and the battery-powered KG-300 set will cost $200 (R2,200).

Klipsch’s headphones product manager Chris Aiello said “For years the focus has been on the evolution of gaming graphics, but developers and studios are now emphasizing a quality audio experience. With decades of industry-leading audio developments, our new headsets will be the quintessential audio accessory that best brings the gaming experience to life.”

Source: Klipsch via Polygon


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