Windows 9 is already in the works, reported to be landing in April 2015


The news that Microsoft is already thinking about its next operating system shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody but there is thought to be a date already set for the grand entrance of Windows 9.

According to WinSuperSite, Microsoft will be detailing a new operating system release codenamed ‘Threshold’ at the BUILD developer conference in April this year. Threshold, according to the website, will eventually become Windows 9 and will launch a year later – hence the April 2015 estimation for the new OS.

The WinSuperSite report claims that Microsoft is looking to get past Windows 8 as soon as possible, citing a lack of interest in both the operating system and the Windows 8.1 update. Redmond is said to be planning several upgrades for Threshold, though the company apparently won’t be providing developers with an alpha version of the OS at this year’s BUILD conference, since it won’t be in development yet.

Microsoft is expected to update the design of Windows for the next release, though it isn’t immediately apparent what those changes will entail. There is talk of the Start Menu making a complete reappearance for Threshold, though it will still support the apps which have appeared since Windows 8 launched. The company will apparently have three releases of the operating system prior to its retail release, likely to developers but perhaps to the public as well.

Source: The Verge


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