Meta AR wants to use glasses to give you Tony Stark’s UI


Augmented reality is getting closer by the day and company Meta Augmented Reality are hoping to give the world its first taste of really great AR by replicating Tony Stark’s user interface from the Iron Man films. Unlike the movies, they want to use their MetaPro augmented reality glasses to create a similar effect rather than giving us a straight-up holographic UI. And yes, this was directly inspired by the Iron Man films.

The promotional video above claims to show what the MetaPro AR glasses are capable of, though they have yet to demonstrate the technology seen in the promo live and in person. What has been seen in the demonstrated prototypes is a gesture-controlled system which is able to let users interact with a series of images and buttons as they are projected onto the glasses themselves.

The intention for their device is clear however, a hologram-like virtual display that can be controlled by a series of gestures – letting you assemble items like a wireframe rocket with a couple of hand movements (and other potentially cool uses). MetaPro is set to be released a bit later this year but the price-tag of $3,000 (R32,000) and the uncertainty around the way the final product will work will probably keep all but the most rabid of tech-lovers away at first.

Source: The Verge


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