BlackBerry will be sticking with the keyboard, for the most part


BlackBerry devices are known primarily by their QWERTY keyboards, which have reached the status of iconic. Seeing the keyboard is a sure sign that a user either has one of the Canadian smartphones or a knock-off based on their designs.

And recent touchscreen devices from BlackBerry have made it seem like those keyboards would be going away but that’s something that BlackBerry won’t permit, according to CEO John Chen. The focus of the company will be largely shifting back to keyboard-based smartphones.

Chen, speaking in an interview with Bloomberg, said that fans of the device “…will look to Blackberry going forward to do keyboards — I wouldn’t use the word exclusively, but predominantly.” The new devices from the company will be targeted at government and corporate demographics, once the company’s prime market, though we daresay that the average customer will be able to get their hands on one if they want one.

It just remains to be seen whether sticking with what they, and their customers, know best about the company will revitalised things for BlackBerry.

Source: Bloomberg Image: Pxleyes


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