PlayStation Now streamed to TV – You’ll need a DualShock 3 for that


Sony’s Gaikai-based PlayStation Now game streaming service will be bringing console games to the PlayStation 4 as well as several smart TVs and mobile devices. Playing games without the need for a console is always an interesting thought but how that can be achieved is something else. Sony has explained how users will have to interact with something like a smart TV in order to get their game on and the answer is: a DualShock 3 controller, the same one used on the PlayStation 3.

Streaming PlayStation 3 games to a PlayStation 4 won’t be an issue for most, the PS4 controller will work just fine in that particular case. Likewise streaming games to the PlayStation Vita, the embedded controls will support streamed titles. Playing games on something unconventional like a TV (without a console attached) or on a mobile device will require a DualShock 3, according to Sony PlayStation marketing vice president John Koller.

Speaking to The Verge, Koller said “You need to have the DualShock to be able to play”, before going on to add “It’s a lot of how these games were developed…We want to continue the experiences as they were meant to be played on the controller.” Sony won’t be attempting any form of touchscreen controls for mobile devices and, if you consider how complex some games are, this makes perfect sense. So, if you’re trading up from a PlayStation 3, it may be a good idea to hang onto a controller or two. Just in case.

Source: The Verge


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