Smart glasses? What about smart contact lenses? Innovega’s iOptik is looking super(zoomed)


Smart eyewear is definitely part of the soon-to-be-revolution in wearable smart tech, with Google Glass ahead in the race. Yesterday we reported on GlassUp and their response to the Google Glass, but today at CES 2014 Innovega announced what can be seen the logical expansion to smart glasses, high tech iOptik contact lenses.

The ground breaking tech is called the Innovega eyewear system and consists of two parts, namely glasses and contact lenses. The contact lenses will supposedly give you augmented focusing abilities, which will allow you to see things up close and at a distance in ways outside the capabilities of the human eye. Supposedly you would be able to see your fingerprints close up whilst wearing the contacts.

Put on the companion glasses, and you get an effect similar to that of Google’s Glass, as the glasses can display info from apps and media. With the contact lenses and glasses equipped at the same time, your vision will be enhanced even further, according to Innovega.

You can even have the contacts made with a prescription as part of the whole deal.

No word out on price and availability yet, but we at StuffHQ have our fingers crossed. Who wouldn’t want super vision that doesn’t entail having your retina surgically tweaked?

Source: Mashable

Pic source: Digital Trends


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