Images of Nokia’s ‘Normandy’ Android-based OS reportedly leak


Towards the end of last year there were rumours of an Android-based smartphone being developed by Nokia, codenamed ‘Normandy’. The rumours of the device aren’t dead yet either, as Twitter account @evleaks has posted an image which apparently show the Android-based user interface for the device.

The images show a Skype login screen, what appears to be a lock-screen with notifications and a dialler screen. Each image shows dual-SIM support but the overall design is quite similar to UI designs that Nokia has used in the past.

The design, if @eveleaks is on the ball (as it generally is), suggests that Nokia is working on a forked version of Android that isn’t aligned with Google’s operating system. There is still a lot of doubt as to whether an Android device from Nokia, no matter how far it is from Google’s official versions, will ever see the light of day. Normandy could just be a might-have-been from the company, we’ll have to see how it plays out.

Source: The Verge Image: @evleaks


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