From CES 2014 comes the smart pill bottle


A company by the name of Adhere Tech has been working on a smart pill bottle for some time, unveiling a prototype at CES last year. This year, the company has returned to the electronics expo with an updated version of the medicine dispenser and it’s looking rather impressive. If you’re wholly reliant on medication Adhere Tech’s smart bottle is even more than that, it’s a potential life-saver.

Adhere Tech’s smart pill bottle is able to track just how much medication is inside it, relaying that information to doctors and pharmacists using a cellular connection – something that could be used to make certain that a needed prescription is always filled on time.

It also keeps tabs on each time the bottle is opened. It can be set up to know what time medication is needed, displaying a blue light on the side of the container when a tablet is due. If a user misses the reminder, the light turns red and an audio signal starts playing to catch the user’s attention. Just how useful such a system would be doesn’t really need much explanation.

The Verge reports that Adhere Tech is teaming up with hospitals and universities to give the current smart pill bottle to some cancer and HIV patients but there is still more work being done on the connected device, to make it cheap enough to become available to anyone who needs to take medication on a regular basis.

Source: The Verge Image: Adhere Tech


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