Sony’s game-streaming service will be called PlayStation Now (and it arrives this year)


Sony purchased a game-streaming service called Gaikai some time ago and they’ve been expected to announce a streaming service based around the technology which will allow PlayStation 4 owners to play older games on their new consoles. Via the cloud, of course. That day has come and Sony’s offering is actually a little more expansive than anyone expected it to be.

The new service will be called PlayStation Now and it will indeed run on Sony’s PlayStation 4. It won’t be confined there however, the PlayStation Vita will also have access to streamed games over the service and so will certain models of Sony’s BRAVIA TV – so you won’t even need a console to get your game on as far as Sony is concerned.

PlayStation Now is expected to launch around the third quarter of 2014 but South Africa might not see the service at launch. We’re still lacking in the internet infrastructure to make it a really profitable venture for the company (but there will probably be a way to ‘convince’ PlayStation Now to work locally soon enough).

While announcing PlayStation Now, Sony PlayStation Group President Andrew House also dropped a few extra numbers relating to the sale of PlayStation 4 units worldwide. According to House, Sony had shifted over 4.2 million units of the new console by the end of 2013 – not bad early numbers for the console at all.

Source: Ars Technica


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