Italy-based GlassUp announces AR glasses prototype, aimed at competing with Google Glass


Today Venice-based company GlassUp unveiled their first take on augmented reality glasses. The prototype looks to be an combination of Google Glass with a typical heads-up display. The difference is in the way GlassUp works. It projects an image onto a lens that sits in front of your eye, and not on an offset prism the way that Google Glass does.

The reason for this is the folks at GlassUp envision a more functional role for their product. The prototype is aimed at giving drivers, doctors and fighter pilots, among others, access to text-based info that does not necessitate them looking away, something Google Glass can’t do, according to GlassUp CEO Francesco Giartosio.

So far, responding to messages, navigation and web searches are things GlassUp can’t do, yet. Streaming to the web is also out. The only way to interact with the tech at present is by using a touchpad mounted on the glasses, or via smartphone apps. Still, there are definite possibilities for the tech when it does become available.

GlassUp plans to hit shelves around the middle of the year, with a projected price of $399 (R4300).

Source/Image: The Verge


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