Gaming peripheral maker Razer joins the wearable computer brigade with the Nabu wristband


Razer, a company best known for its lineup of gaming peripherals, has used CES 2014 as a platform to launch what they are calling the “…world’s smartest wristband”, the Razer Nabu.

Part smartwatch, part fitness band and part… something else, Razer says that their Nabu wristband is the first “truly social” wearable. On the smartwatch side, the Nabu is able to communicate with both iOS and Android smartphones over a Bluetooth connection and is capable of displaying notifications on one of two OLED displays. The two displays are for public and private notifications respectively. Public notifications are defined as incoming calls, messages, app updates and emails, while the private notification display – located on the inner side of the user’s wrist – offers up more detailed info on standard updates.

The Nabu also contains sensor which allow it to function as a fitness monitor to a certain extent. Tracking steps and distance just two of the features that will be available on the wearable computer. In the ‘something else’ category, Razer is building in a friend-tracking function which sounds like it will be able to notify the user if other Nabu wristbands come within range. How this will be ultilised hasn’t been fully explained yet but it looks like an additional option for app developers to explore.

Razer CEO and co-founder Min-Liang Tan said in a media statement “The Razer Nabu provides a revolutionary new platform that bridges the divide between so-called smart watches and fitness bands. It delivers only the information you need, collects data that you want, and deepens your social interactions. Most excitingly, with our open platform, developers can utilize data collected by the Nabu to deliver incredible experiences to individuals via mobile or desktop apps—social or otherwise.”

The Razer Nabu is due to launch worldwide at the end of Q1 2014 but there is no comprehensive release schedule available yet. Retail pricing hasn’t been determined yet either but the wristband is available to developers at the moment for the pre-release price of $49 (R530).


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