Edison announced: Intel’s dual-core PC is the size of an SD card


A couple of hours ago at CES 2014, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich announced the Edison, a miniature computer that is the size of an SD card. The computer is based on Intel’s 22nm transistor technology, runs Linux and has built in WiFi and Bluetooth modules.

The Edison can even connect to its own app store.

The device is aimed at developers, and Intel hopes it will spark the next generation of wearable and connected devices. As an example Intel showed their collection of “Nursery 2.0” products which uses the Edison computer. “Nursery 2.0” can, via a toy frog, report an infant’s vitals to its parents on an LED coffee cup.

As further motivation for developers, Intel has launched the “Make it Wearable” competition, offering up to $1.3 million in prizes for developers who create wearable technology.

The Edison will be available somewhere around the middle of 2014, and no pricetag has been provided as yet.

Source: Engadget

Image Source: TheVerge


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